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Momentary offers

Latest opinion: > Considered my dentist took 300 Euros for filling one of my dents in three

hours of concentrated work, I´m upset about the mechanic, picking 200 Euros out of my

wallet for filling some oil into my car.

I´m not expecting you to ask what it will cost to fill some oil into you. In fact: I´m trading with peinture - oil on canvas.

We´re confronted with grotesque customs of pricing arts by size and weight, costs for material and attraction of an arts-market-voodoo-show.

 In the end, just my metaphor will last: > Judging or estimating arts is just like buying some pumps. Almost everyone, even the worst crank,

 will declare something. Probably you´ll find a wise, experienced master of shoemaking. He will tell you everything about the shown shoe.

 In the end, you´ll be the one, who´s walking in the new boots.

Some examples for todays pricing are entered on the web:    


(Oberon) or search google (sakowitz kunst)

Mention: For an acceptable replica of a renaissance- or rokoko- peintwork, it will take even the busiest painter about 800 to 1500 hours of work.

So calculate from 400 Euros upwards for some of my artworks. That´s just the way it is............................................................

  Danke geht schon Oel auf Holz / Not too bad Oil on wood